Adopting FLEX Workshop introduces FLow for Enterprise Transformation (FLEX) applied to the mid-scale. By the end of the course, students will have learned collaboratively and deeply the essential aspects of this principles-based approach to mid-scale transformations.

FLEX is not a packaged solution. Rather, it is a way of achieving transformation by looking at the dynamics in the organization, the challenges being faced, and the intentions to removing blockages. It offers a collection of practices that will assist with achieving those intentions. By looking at the patterns of challenge and success, you can create a step-wise, tailored approach for transformation in your organization. 

The goal of FLEX is business agility: the ability to realize value quickly, sustainably, predictably and with high value. It enables you to pivot efficiently based on what you are learning as well as what the marketplace is doing.

Each section in the course focuses on one aspect of FLEX. There are a set of readings and videos that cover the topic. Then there is an assignment that helps students learn by doing something with their associates. Students discuss what they have learned with other students in the course and with Net Objectives consultants. 

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Welcome to the Adopting FLEX Workshop

Why we are so excited by this topic

A complete learning environment to help you succeed in a Lean-Agile transformation

  • Expand your understanding

    Skills, behaviors, understanding, continuous improvement, and collaboration skills

  • Discussions

    Discussions with fellow students and instructors to compare ideas and share insights

  • Learn by doing

    Each week, an assignment helps you learn by trying a specific exercise within your own context.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

  • 2

    Overview of FLEX

  • 3

    The Business Case for Agility

  • 4

    Value Streams and Kanban Boards

    • Introduction
    • Overview of Value Streams and Kanban Boards
    • Exercises: Value Streams and Kanban Boards
    • Coaches Corner: Value Streams and Kanban Boards
    • Reflection: Discussions about Value Streams and Kanban Boards
    • Additional Reading
  • 5

    The Value Stream of the Effective Organization

    • Introduction
    • The Value Stream of the Effective Organization
    • Exercises: The Value Stream of the Effective Organization
    • Coaches Corner: The Value Stream of the Effective Organization
    • Reflection: The Value Stream of the Effective Organization
  • 6

    Identifying and Removing Impediments to Flow

    • Introduction
    • Dealing with Complexity by Creating a Bias For Simplicity
    • What are our options to solve our challenges?
    • Exercises: How effective are we?
    • Coaching Corner: Dealing with Impediments
    • Reflection: Discussions about cause and effect
  • 7

    Baseline FLEX: Portfolio Management

    • Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • Baseline FLEX: Portfolio Management
    • Exercises regarding portfolio management
    • Reflection: Discussions about portfolio management
    • Coaches Corner: Portfolio Management
  • 8

    Baseline FLEX: Product Management

    • Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • Baseline FLEX: Product Management
    • Exercises regarding product management
    • Reflection: Discussions about product management
    • Coaches Corner: Product Management
  • 9

    Baseline FLEX: Organizing Programs and Teams

    • Introduction
    • Inherent Simplicity and Project to Product Thinking
    • Exercises: Organizing Programs and Teams
    • Coaches Corner: Organizing Programs and Teams
    • Reflection: Discussions about inherent simplicity
  • 10

    Baseline FLEX: Planning, Collaboration and Dependency Management

    • Introduction
    • The Guardrails: Agreements to keep you aligned and on track
    • Planning, Collaboration and Dependency Management
    • Quick Planning - Pareto Vs Parkinson
    • Focus on Finishing Stories in the Sprint and on Finishing MBIs in the Program Increment
    • Running Effective Planning Events
    • The FLEX Planning and Allocation Patterns
    • Exercises
    • Coaches Corner: The Business Case for Agility
    • Reflection: Share what you've learned
  • 11

    Baseline FLEX: Release and Realization

    • Introduction
    • Baseline FLEX: Release and Realization of Value
    • Exercises: Release and Realization of Value
    • Coaches Corner: Release and Realization of Value
    • Reflection: Release and Realization of Value
  • 12

    The Role of Management and How to Effect Culture

    • Introduction to Management
    • Baseline FLEX: Role of Management
    • Baseline FLEX: Lean Management and Culture
    • Baseline FLEX: Guardrails for Management
    • Baseline FLEX: Art of Action:
    • Exercises: The Clean Slate Exercise
    • Coaches Corner: The Role of Management
    • Reflection: On management
  • 13

    Creating a Roadmap and Adoption Plan

  • 14


  • 15

    The Parking Lot and Appendix

    • Introduction and PDF of deck so far
    • Handling Multiple Teams That Are Dependent Upon Multiple Component Teams
    • Preparing Executives, Directors, Managers, and Product Managers for Agile
    • Recording of Session in Preparation of Identifying and Removing Impediments to Flow
    • Strategies and Sequencing of MBIs
  • 16

    FLEX and SAFe®

    • Introduction
    • FLEX and SAFe
    • Additional Reading
  • 17

    Flow and Lean-Thinking

    • Team Organization and Workflow When Have Multiple Teams With Cross-Dependencies


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Al Shalloway

CEO and Founder

Al Shalloway

Al  Shalloway is the founder and CEO of Net Objectives. With over 40 years  of experience, Al is an industry thought leader in Lean, Kanban, product  portfolio management,  SAFe, Scrum and agile design. He helps companies transition to Lean and  Agile methods enterprise-wide as well teaches courses in these areas. Al is a SAFe Program Consultant. He was the co-founder of Lean Kanban  University and the Lean Systems Society of which he is a former board  member. Al has developed training and coaching methods for Lean-Agile  that have helped Net Objectives' clients achieve long-term, sustainable  productivity gains. He is a popular speaker at prestigious conferences  worldwide. Al is the primary author of Design Patterns Explained, Essential Skills for the Agile Developer, Lean-Agile Software Development, the Lean-Agile Pocket Guide for Scrum Teams, and The Leanban Primer. Al has worked in dozens of industries over his career. He has a  Masters in Computer Science from M.I.T. and a Masters in Mathematics  from Emory University.

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