A complete learning environment for building the skills needed for sustainable design

  • Hands-on code and review

    Dozens of guided code samples to explore principles of good design with review and discussion

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    Discussions on design results with instructors and fellow students

  • Online quizzes

    Each section concludes with an online quiz to let you check your understanding

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A quick introduction to the Foundations of Sustainable Design

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  • Scott Bain

    Senior Consultant

    Scott Bain

    Scott is a 40 year veteran in computer technology, with a background in development, engineering, and design. He has also designed, delivered, and managed training programs for certification and end-user skills, both in traditional classrooms and via distance learning. Scott teaches courses and consults on Agile Analysis and Design Patterns, Advanced Software Design, and Sustainable Test-Driven Development. Scott is a frequent speaker at developer conferences such as JavaOne and SDWest. He is the author of Emergent Design which won a Jolt Productivity Award. He is a co-author of Essential Skills for the Agile Developer.
  • Max Guernsey

    Senior Consultant

    Max Guernsey

    Max  Guernsey, III is a veteran software developer with more than fifteen  years' experience helping teams build quality software, identify  high-value work, improve their technical skills, and adopt agile  practices. He is an expert in applying test-driven development to database designs. He teaches courses and consults on Agile Analysis and Design Patterns, Advanced Software Design, Sustainable Test-Driven Development, and Acceptance Tests.Max is the author of Test-Driven Database Development: Unlocking Agility. It is available from Addison Wesley/Professional

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