Al Shalloway

CEO and founder, Net Objectives

I formed Net Objectives with the mission of helping clients do “Effective Software Development Without Suffering.” It continues to be our belief that much of the “suffering” that takes place in our industry is due to people being unaware of what would be an effective way of working. We see many companies doing the equivalent of driving a Porsche in reverse, seeing only what was visible in the rear view mirror, and wondering why arriving at a destination had become intolerably difficult.

The first step to solving ones challenges is to be aware of how to see them properly. It is because of this insight that our vision and our drive to add value to our customers that we have been leaders in virtually every leading technology and process approach that merited it.

Scrum, XP, Lean, SAFe, Test-Driven Development (TDD), Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD), emergent design. These are just a few of the approaches that we have championed, created, or contributed to their development. We have seen which approaches work and which have not.

More importantly, we have seen the situations in which particular approaches work or not.

Our focus is on you and you can be assured that you will get the best solution that is tailored for you, not merely an approach that a consultancy has decided to back and now has few alternatives to offer.

Our broad offering of business strategy/finance, Lean-Agile methods and  technology reflect both our commitment to you and our commitment to  finding better ways for the industry. One of our founding principles was that the amount of money someone received was a direct measure of the value they delivered; therefore, the idea of truly focusing on the value we I could provide to our customers and trusting that we would get value in return. (Earl Nightingale, the “Dean of Personal Development,” was the inspiration for this principle). I look forward to the opportunity to prove our value to you.

We seek to serve you

  • Helping you realize Business value

  • Bringing experience across many organizations and industries

  • Solutions tailored to you